Matters of light and depth..


Tip on how to Shoot Lightning! 

I captured this picture on the terrace with my camera mounted on the tripod. Took 3-4 sample shoots to get focus right, and then changed it to manual focus. Thereafter adjusted the wide angle lens to get max amount of lightnings. Took 10 shoots with different shutter setting in shutter mode, ranging from 15sec – 30sec. I did all this keeping the camera steady and by using an umbrella to cover the camera. 

The Exif of this picture is : Camera 7D with 10-22mm wide angle mounted on tripod , Aperture – f/4 , shutter – 30sec , ISO- 100 , Exposure bias – (-0.7) , Focal length – 16mm. Took 2 Images of 30sec exposure and the merged them to get this final frame…


Pebble beach

I wish I could show you the pebbles in this shot 🙂 But the reason I framed it this way was to highlight the serene water and pleasing twilight colors.

Location: Pebble beach, @ Split rock state park, Silver bay, MN.

This is a 115 second exposure with a moist lens and a wet tripod as bonus 🙂

Mount Rushmore

As a child, I remember watching this sculpture in countless movies/cartoons. I finally got a chance to visit it last weekend and boy was I mesmerized by the sheer scale of it. There are thousands of pictures available for this landmark on the internet and I wanted to capture something unique, atleast I tried to do something unique :). I shot this at around 8 in the evening, just before the start of the lighting show. The sky had some heavy storm clouds and it was perfect for some long exposures. 30 seconds later, this was the result.

A video showcasing its construction for 14 years from 1927 was shown before the start. It still amazes me to learn that they could achieve this sculpting marvel about 80 years back!

Pleas take a look at the original color version here!: Flickr

Read more about Mount Rushmore: Wiki