Trekking the Great Wall

It is really the ‘Great Wall’. Built over 100 years by successive rulers; nothing permeates the psyche of the Chinese as the Great Wall. It has given them a sense of protection and security, even though it may not have been used to repel any attacks directly. May be, this wall has also made them more closed to the outer world than others.

Whatever said, it is a marvel, a sheer triumph of human endeavour and engineering over adversities of nature.

ps: I trekked the entire length visible in this picture. From one peak to another. Totally may be 1500 steps. It was worth it!



Shot at Kharagpur, West Bengal, India during a campus trek to the remote parts of Indian Institute of Technology. At 7 AM, on a hot April morning in 2009; the ground is parched and the landscape prepares for the mid-forties at high noon. But this pinch of a powdery moss plant must survive.

View from dodda ragihalli betta-Bannerghatta Natioanl park

View from dodda ragihalli betta-Bannerghatta Natioanl parkBannerghatta National Park is situated 25 km south of Bangalore.Many people think bannerghatta as just a place wer u hav only zoo and the safari.But the safari wch tourism dept offers is just into the small restricted area of the park wer we get to see only animals tat are rescued from circus and the injured ones.Actually b’ghatta is a 25,000 acre(104km²) narrow patch forest wch is a home for arnd 200 asiatic elephants,common leopards,sloth bears,Indian bison,muntjack,2-3 packs of indian wild dog,wild boar,jackal,sambar,chithal and many other mammals and different birds.The forest dept. arranges the trek into t core area based on the request.The above photo taken during one of the trek.