A beautiful evening



A Tusker at Nagarahole

Elephants are large land mammals and karnataka state animal

The Largest Land Animal is also Karnataka’s state Animal. Its elegant and beautiful tusks as seen here are the reason they are being killed. Almost every month news reaches us of Elephants hunted down and killed by poachers.

Sometimes Elephants are killed trying to find food when farmers kill/electrocute them. The dwindling forest cover is to be blamed for this.

The Road to Nagarahole


Nagarahole National Park forms apart of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and together with Bandipur National Park (875 sq. kms) and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (325 sq. kms) to its South East and Wayanad (350 sq. kms) to the South-West, is one of the last remaining and best protected habitats for endangered species like the Elephant and the Tiger.