Photo Essay: Behind the scenes at Indian Fashion Week

Being a fashion blogger & photographer , I do get invited to a lot of Fashion weeks and its always interesting to see how the designers come up with something new every season and how models parade in systematically and calmly down the runway without a glitch, but behind the scenes it’s a whole different story.

From the chaotic confluence of  stylists hustling to get the models ready, make-up artists applying final touches, models trying to post that one last  selfie before they walk the ramp  to last minute fittings,  emerges a beautifully choreographed performance. You might have seen hundreds’ of such choreographed performances, I am trying to bring to you the beautiful chaos.Behind-the-scene-of-Fashion-Show-3-1024x682 Behind-the-scene-of-Fashion-Show-5-1024x682 Behind-the-scene-of-Fashion-Show-8-1024x682 Behind-the-scene-of-Fashion-Show-9-1024x682 Behind-the-scene-of-Fashion-Show-10-1024x682 Behind-the-scene-of-Fashion-Show-11-1024x682 IMG_0131-001-1024x682 IMG_0138-21-682x1024 IMG_0141-001-1024x682 IMG_0142-001-1024x682 IMG_0182-003-1024x682 IMG_0198-001-1024x682 IMG_0201-001-1024x682 IMG_0204-001-1024x776 IMG_0208-001-1024x831 IMG_0211-001-1024x682 IMG_0215-001-682x1024 IMG_0227-001-1024x682 IMG_0229-001-1024x9581 IMG_0231-001-1024x682


Warning: Beautiful Bangles Ahead

If there is one thing I never miss clicking a picture of while I am travelling in India, it has to be bangles!  What makes Indian bangles so fascinating are the umpteen possibilities of design, color, shape & style .
Today’s post is about my love affair with Indian Bangles , the pictures I clicked during my travels and reminiscences of the tinkling sounds of the  bangles I saw during my visit to  Delhi Haat, Hyderabad’s Bangle Bazaar, Jaipur’s Johri Bazaar, Bhopal’s old city market , Bangalore’s commercial street.

Check out the varied hues of Indian Bangles from all over the country.

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A walk through Kitsch Mandi

Flea markets these days are becoming the treasure trove of all things quirky and kitschy. I like how these flea markets introduce us artists who are designing incredibly creative stuff.
Last Sunday I went to one such flea market –Kitsch Mandi in Bangalore. Eclectic mix of products drenched in loud colors and patterns just attract you towards them. It was fascinating to see how there  was a kitsch twist to the simplest of garments, accessories and home decorating items.
Audrey Hepburn Brillant Kitsch work DIY Bottles Fabric Bangles Graffiti Ipad Covers Jewellery box Kitsch Tea kettle Magnets