And All was Light

The sun shines golden rays of enlightenment as its vanishes over Stanford, California at around 8 PM in August 2008. The campus is still as the freshmen are probably not yet in. Once they are here, they will leave. But the trees on Palm Drive and the magnificent Hoover Tower stand reminiscent of the sum of all their knowledge, innovation and invention, as they solemnly absorb the beams of light everyday.


When three scientists in New Jersey decided that glass vacuum tubes break easy, little did they expect that their alternate invention will flourish the far west. And in the valley, was only a university,  that took the responsibility to push the envelope with their innovation.

Exactly 60 years later, on a lazy summer evening in August 2008, at the David Packard Electrical Engineering Building in Stanford, California; an engineer shot a photo of a board filled with silicon, as it resonated with pride in the quiet corridors.