The Sri Lankan Junglefowl

Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl


The Jungle fowl of Sri Lanka does not get intimidated by a bunch of tourists in  loud jeeps disturbing its morning walk. It simply stares back.


The Green Bee Eater in the Morning Light

Green Bee-eater

The Green Bee eater is a bird with personality. A busy bird, constantly flying and swooping in the pursuit of insects while taking breaks sunbathing in the warm morning sun. Their wing structure remind me of those flying dinosaurs, Pterodactyl from the Jurassic Park movie. They have a rich green color that makes them stand out as they perch on tree tops.

They are cute swift creatures which seem to play with their prey after catching them.

More about them here and see their elegant cousins – Blue Tailed Bee Eater here.

The Magnificent Peacock

I got lucky when this magnificent peacock decided to climb a dead tree stump in the morning light. I took these pics from quite far off from a Jeep during a Safari at Yala National Park in Sri Lanka.

The National Park is a must visit for nature lovers and photographers. I was not lucky enough to see a leopard but I got a lot of bird pics which I will be posting over the coming weeks.
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