Indian Potter At Work



Winning with a Diya

At the recent iDiya National Social Venture Ideas Competition, there was a photography competition too. And the below photos of Diyas (oil lamps) laid out to dry won a prize. I received a memento form Saina Nehwal herself. 🙂

The image was taken at Pottery Town, Bangalore in a dimly lit room with only reflected sunlight  to illuminate the shot.

Over the coming weeks we will be showcasing more pictures taken by the photographers at Noisy Pilgrims that have won or been recognized in other ways.

Diwali is coming

the work of man

A potter completes work on diyas (lamps) at Pottery Town, Bangalore. He works in a cramped room which seems to be decades old with abandoned furniture, broken clay pots and bits and pieces of machine parts. The only source of light is from the small window and the door. The work to produce these beautiful lamps is monotonous and dreary.
pottery town 029