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  1. The Pursuit Of Happiness
  2. How about a date with me?
  3. Serenity at Sunrise
  4. My Best Companions
  5. The last flowers of summer…

And the most viewed pics EVER!

  1. Essential Bangalore: Glass Buildings and Tech Parks
  2. Rain drops keep falling…
  3. Pipal Leaf after Moonsoon Rains (yes I got it wrong, should read Monsoon)
  4. The Pursuit Of Happiness
  5. How about a date with me?

Strangely the most viewed pic has no comments!?


Thats one run round the sun!

We are a year old now!

  • This blog started out a year back on March 27 with this first picture of the St Johns Church undergoing renovation. Since then we’ve grown from a blog with 2 authors to 8. We have 270+ pictures and over 21500+ views. We’ve also graduated from to !
  • The blog started out as an outlet to get out of the easy work-coffee-friends-home-work loop we all fall into. I think it’s doing its job really well. 🙂
  • Initially intended for engineers Noisy pilgrims now has its own lawyer and a doc, at this rate we hope to have our own investment banker soon.
  • We take our pictures for this photoblog with the most diverse set of equipment, from the average Canon EOS 50D to the awesome Sony C510 Mobile Camera.
  • Our viewer ship has been continuously increasing and we’re now on Twitter and Facebook too. Here’s our RSS feed.

Photoblog Spacing

So here’s hoping you,the readers, continue to join us Noisy Pilgrims everyday as we show you a bit of the world as we see it.

Mount Doom

Mount Doom is Far!
Mount Doom is Far!

This pic isn’t that great, but the mountain afar seemed a lot like Mount Doom (well ofcourse its not got any lava or fire coming out of it). But look, maybe we can spot Frodo and Sam somewhere. 🙂

Shot at Kodaikanal from Dolphin’s nose i think.

101 Noisy Pilgrims Pics and 5150 Views later!

Hey people!
Its been 101 Pics posted as of Govind’s sensuous women’s perfume pic(Yes he is weird).

So as a tribute to this lovely hobby that is photography, we’re sharing this short and awesome photograph rich talk given by David Griffin the director of photography for National Geographic magazine.

As of today we’ve had over 5,150+ views. And below are our top 5 posts according to views.

Pottery Town | Morning Walk.. | Freedom of Expression |Essential Bangalore: Glass Buildings | A cold lazy London afternoon…

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