Finding meaning in tiny rituals



Mirror my walk

One of my personal favourites. This is an early morning photograph when the sun was casting some fantastic light and drama to the landscape. I was photographing a herd of elephants when I happened to spot these two elephants. It seemed like they were walking away from each other after a lover’s tiff. The light and the mud covering them seemed to flow from one to the other so seamlessly as if they were two sides to a coin. Incidentally I won the second prize in the Mercedes-Benz young star photographer competition in 2010 for this photograph.


A Candle Light Vigil for the Rape Victim

The pic shows just one of the many Candle light Vigils for the terrible tragedy that has unfolded over the last few days in India.

The brutal gang rape of a young girl in Delhi has resulted in shock, despair and shame on what it means to be Indian in a country that can’t treat its daughters right. Countless reports of rape have been pouring in from other parts of India validating the view that this country just doesn’t keep its promise when it comes to women’s safety and their freedom.

The patronizing reaction of the Central Government and the Home Minister have only contributed to revulsion and disbelief on how the Rulers of this country view themselves as Royalty. Peaceful protesters have been assaulted with water canons and lathi wielding policemen.

The death of the rape victim has set in a solemn and hopefully introspective mood throughout India as we enter 2013.

Read More here about the case. Great pictures of protest here by Boston Big Picture Blog.

Guest Pic by Ankur Tiku

Text by Ravi Kaushik

candle light vigil delhi rape victim