the sharpener of knives

Saw this man sharpening knives on a rainy  morning in Mumbai at the busy Crawford Market. Haven’t seen one of these guys in years. He puts on a small show to get the attention of shop owners around him by loudly rubbing metal against the wheel and then proceeds to collect knives and other sharp objects from the surrounding shops.knife sharpener


Malshej Ghat – A serene beauty

Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass in the western ghats range situated in the pune district in Maharashtra. It is at a distance of around 150 Kms from south mumbai. Its pristine beauty and serene mountains are the major attractions.

Malshej Ghat - A serene beauty

Malshej ghat is also a host for several bird species such as quails, rails, flamingoes,crakes etc

A common scene in malshej ghat during monsoon is small streams of water rising upwards due to wind.

A nice view of valleys is one of the major attraction here. It is also famous for dark woods and the animals inside.MG4

This place is notorious for land-slides, you can notice the vehicles on narrow roads. Driving to malshej ghat during late evening or early morning could be very challenging due to low road visibility and narrow roads.MG5


Mumbai – The city that never sleeps

Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India, it is also one of the world’s top 10 centres of commerce in terms of global financial flow.  Mumbai’s business opportunities, as well as its potential to offer a higher standard of living , attract migrants from all over India and, in turn, make the city a  potpourri of many communities and Cultures. [ Wikipedia ]