‘Superior’ view at Duluth

This is lake superior, again. I shot this at Duluth, MN at around 5AM in the morning, before sunrise. Look straight into the frame and you will find a clear horizon with a hard transition between sky and the lake.

This is a 63 seconds exposure at F9. Please also take a look at the color version of this pic HERE

The Spoonbridge and Cherry!

This is an iconic piece of artwork from the Minneapolis sculpture garden. With aluminium, steel and paint in its construction, its not as tasty as it looks 🙂 The complex fabrication of the 5,800 pound spoon and 1,200 pound cherry was carried out at two shipbuilding yards in New England. The sculpture has become a beloved icon in the Garden, whether glaceed with snow in the Minnesota winters or gleaming in the warmer months, with water flowing over the surface of the cherry and a fine mist rising from its stem. Source:Click


A big hello to everyone! My first post in Noisy Pilgrims 🙂  This is Sri Dhanush from Minneapolis, MN, USA. I am currently pursuing my masters here.

I took this shot behind my house. Its a quick and dirty HDR  just before the sunset that i took sometime back. Love the way the sky and sun turned out in this one.