Pebble beach

I wish I could show you the pebbles in this shot 🙂 But the reason I framed it this way was to highlight the serene water and pleasing twilight colors.

Location: Pebble beach, @ Split rock state park, Silver bay, MN.

This is a 115 second exposure with a moist lens and a wet tripod as bonus 🙂

Minneapolis Aquatennial Fireworks

Minneapolis Aquatennial is the official civic celebration of the city of Minneapolis. Featuring a whole bunch of events in various categories, its a week long celebration held every year on the third week of July which is traditionally considered the driest and warmest part of the year# Source. As always, it concludes with a spectacular display of pyrotechnics which lasts for about half hour. I shot this from the top floor of my friends apartment.

Top of the Rock!

A view of the NYC skyline in Manhattan from the top of the Rockefeller plaza. Took this show around 11PM in the night. I had quite a tough time shooting this view since i had to setup my tripod in an awkward position over a ledge and the camera much higher than me. It was all trial and error from then on 🙂

This is a 5 exposure HDR created from a single RAW file.

Star Trails


Shot at Bandipur National Park at around 1 in the morning.
It was so dark and quiet that every small noise made me jump. All kinds of animals (Snakes, elephants, leopards, tigers etc.) inhabit this place. Towards the end of the shot (around 2 in the morning), I almost fainted when I heard cats/wild cats crying. It was the spookiest experience I have ever had.
The flare seen on the left bottom of the frame is visible because the surface temperature of my lens dropped below the dew point and was totally wet!

Shot with the 18-200mm @ 18.
Total exposure = 1.5 hours (18 shots, 5 mins each, stacked together to reduce digital noise).