Mountain DEW Xtreme Tour !!

Last week I got an Amazing chance to officially cover the Mountain Dew Xtreme Tour which took place in Bangalore recently.

Here is round up of the awesome evening 🙂

Starting with the skateboards , Sandro Dias and Elliot Sloan

one more angle

Then we see some high profile skaters , Eito Yasutoko & Takeshi Yasutoko

And they gave it all

10-time world BMX champion, Dennis McCoy

He was showing off 🙂

And it ended FMX pros including Jimmie McGuire, Tommy Clowers, Drake Mcelroy, Myles Richmond and Nick Dunne.

Different angle

Thats it folks ..THE END ..

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Star Trails


Shot at Bandipur National Park at around 1 in the morning.
It was so dark and quiet that every small noise made me jump. All kinds of animals (Snakes, elephants, leopards, tigers etc.) inhabit this place. Towards the end of the shot (around 2 in the morning), I almost fainted when I heard cats/wild cats crying. It was the spookiest experience I have ever had.
The flare seen on the left bottom of the frame is visible because the surface temperature of my lens dropped below the dew point and was totally wet!

Shot with the 18-200mm @ 18.
Total exposure = 1.5 hours (18 shots, 5 mins each, stacked together to reduce digital noise).