Split Rock..

Split Rock is one of the oldest lighthouses in USA. Built in 1910 at a cost of $75000 it boasted an advanced lens/light system imported from France. I took this shot around 6 in the evening… and the smooth water is the result of a 76 second exposure..

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And check out the color version here: Flickr

Sunset Beach

Sunset on a Beach
Sunset on a Beach

It is hard to see a good sunset in the city these days, esp. when you look to the west and see buildings reaching for the sky.

I always try to catch a sunset when I visit any coast, a rare sight, for me atleast.

This one is shot somewhere along the coast in south-west India. The light reflecting of the sea just completely illuminates the world around you in a yellow-orange hue. Simply astounding!

Rise and Shine

Heres a shot from a trip i went last weekend. I did post a few shots highlighting the vastness of lake superior before. But what caught my attention in this shot is the sky. Dense clouds, sunrise, a tiny boat and a vast lake… makes one dramatic combination 🙂 Sometimes shots such as these remind me of how tiny we are when compared to elements of nature.

I am often confronted with the question of drawing a line between the amount of post-processing and showcasing an image as I saw it on location. For this one, I hardly did anything, except for a slight bump in brightness and contrast. Just to give you an idea of how much more dramatic the image can be, take a look at this edited version:HERE. I am sure some of you ask the same question to yourself before sharing, where do you draw a line? Do you like processing the shots or do you prefer to share images as shot, straight out of the camera? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below! 🙂

Mount Rushmore

As a child, I remember watching this sculpture in countless movies/cartoons. I finally got a chance to visit it last weekend and boy was I mesmerized by the sheer scale of it. There are thousands of pictures available for this landmark on the internet and I wanted to capture something unique, atleast I tried to do something unique :). I shot this at around 8 in the evening, just before the start of the lighting show. The sky had some heavy storm clouds and it was perfect for some long exposures. 30 seconds later, this was the result.

A video showcasing its construction for 14 years from 1927 was shown before the start. It still amazes me to learn that they could achieve this sculpting marvel about 80 years back!

Pleas take a look at the original color version here!: Flickr

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