Birds of prey

Black KiteBlack kite_Prasad Hegde2

Raptors and predators

Black Kites are opportunistic hunters and are more likely to scavenge. They spend a lot of time soaring and gliding in thermals in search of food. Their angled wing and distinctive forked tail make them easy to identify.

Common Kestrel

Kestrel_Prasad Hegde

Common Kestrel is a bird of prey species belonging to the kestrel group of the falcon family Falconidae. It is also known as the European Kestrel and Eurasian Kestrel.

Montagu’s Harrier

Montagu'sHarrier_Prasad HegdeThe Montagu’s Harrier (Circus pygargus) is a migratory bird of prey of the harrier family. Their diet consists mainly of small ground-living animals in areas of low or sparse vegetation. An important part is taken by small rodents, small birds and large insects. As this bird has a wide distribution, it will take whatever prey is available in the area where it nests.

Collared Scoops Owl

Collared Scoops owlThese wonderful creatures belongs to the BOP family.These birds mainly hunt small mammals,insects and other birds.Most of the owls are nocturnal(so they have large eyes to support this) and have binocular vision. Some people consider this as Lakshmi,the goddess of wealth and others consider owls as “evil” because of their fierce appearance.Nowadays these owls and many other birds are vanishing from this earth so lets join hands for the protection of  birds and animals which in-turn protect man and earth.