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The Vishnu temple in Khajuraho

I have found Khajuraho to be one of the most fascinating places in India of immense historical significance. A charming and quaint little town, filled with wonderful architecture. I always find myself amazed at how intricately the artwork on the temples has been created and the time, effort and thought that has gone into building these beautiful monuments. I doubt we have the talent to build this again. But we do have the talent to save it if we choose to.


How a Business School celebrates Independence Day

India celebrates its Independence Day on the 15th of August. The Indian School of Business has started a tradition of hosting school children from impoverished backgrounds including the blind and the deaf. Under the banner of the event “Bandhan” students of this business school volunteer to sing, dance, teach and get taught alongside these children.

Below is a collection of pics from just one slice of the day – as the kids prepare to do some craft work (art in my humble opinion).

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