Guarding smiles

Swiss guards at Vatican. Change of guards, one to another, captured together.


Sunset Beach

Sunset on a Beach
Sunset on a Beach

It is hard to see a good sunset in the city these days, esp. when you look to the west and see buildings reaching for the sky.

I always try to catch a sunset when I visit any coast, a rare sight, for me atleast.

This one is shot somewhere along the coast in south-west India. The light reflecting of the sea just completely illuminates the world around you in a yellow-orange hue. Simply astounding!

Shutter Island

Shutter Island

This just reminded me a lot of the movie Shutter Island. Gives a really creepy feeling.. especially with the rain and the stormy sea.

The reality of it is that this place is really just a romance spot 🙂

The light house is mostly not functional and is used by “tourists” to be “alone” 😛