Indian Russell’s viper

Indian Russell's viperThese are  one of the most dangerous snakes in India.Most of the deaths due to snake bites are due to this snake.When threatened they form a series of S-loops, raise the first third of the body and produce a hiss that is supposedly louder than that of any other snake. When striking from this position, they can exert so much force that even a large individual can lift most of its body off the ground in the process.These are difficult snakes to handle: they are strong and agile and react violently to being picked up.The bite may be a snap, or, they may hang on for many seconds.


Collared Scoops Owl

Collared Scoops owlThese wonderful creatures belongs to the BOP family.These birds mainly hunt small mammals,insects and other birds.Most of the owls are nocturnal(so they have large eyes to support this) and have binocular vision. Some people consider this as Lakshmi,the goddess of wealth and others consider owls as “evil” because of their fierce appearance.Nowadays these owls and many other birds are vanishing from this earth so lets join hands for the protection of  birds and animals which in-turn protect man and earth.

View from dodda ragihalli betta-Bannerghatta Natioanl park

View from dodda ragihalli betta-Bannerghatta Natioanl parkBannerghatta National Park is situated 25 km south of Bangalore.Many people think bannerghatta as just a place wer u hav only zoo and the safari.But the safari wch tourism dept offers is just into the small restricted area of the park wer we get to see only animals tat are rescued from circus and the injured ones.Actually b’ghatta is a 25,000 acre(104km²) narrow patch forest wch is a home for arnd 200 asiatic elephants,common leopards,sloth bears,Indian bison,muntjack,2-3 packs of indian wild dog,wild boar,jackal,sambar,chithal and many other mammals and different birds.The forest dept. arranges the trek into t core area based on the request.The above photo taken during one of the trek.

A Tusker at Nagarahole

Elephants are large land mammals and karnataka state animal

The Largest Land Animal is also Karnataka’s state Animal. Its elegant and beautiful tusks as seen here are the reason they are being killed. Almost every month news reaches us of Elephants hunted down and killed by poachers.

Sometimes Elephants are killed trying to find food when farmers kill/electrocute them. The dwindling forest cover is to be blamed for this.

The Road to Nagarahole


Nagarahole National Park forms apart of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and together with Bandipur National Park (875 sq. kms) and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary (325 sq. kms) to its South East and Wayanad (350 sq. kms) to the South-West, is one of the last remaining and best protected habitats for endangered species like the Elephant and the Tiger.