A walk through Chandni Chowk – the Pani Puri Wallah






4 thoughts on “A walk through Chandni Chowk – the Pani Puri Wallah

  1. A wonderful study, Ravi, of a man going about his business … If only I knew what pani are ! I’ll bet the puri means it’s hot; because my Mauritian friends of my youth, over in Western Australia, used to love to make dhal puri (they said it meant ‘rotten’ !) … and of course the Mauritian diet is almost entirely Indian, with a bit of Creole and a bit of French thrown in … Great days … Tell me how he makes pani puri, this wallah …

    1. Hi M-R, Pani means water and Puri refers to the round fried container which can been seen in the big plastic bag in the picture. Wallah is a suffix to mean “man”. like Ice Cream Man. As to how its made, it differs from region to region but its basically spiced up potato stuffing in tangy flavoured water presented inside the puri 🙂 hope that makes sense

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