A walk through Chandni Chowk – Kulfi!

The Kulfi is somewhat an Indian variant of Ice Cream. It is believed to have originated during the Mughal period about 400 years ago with ice from the Himalayas!

Imagine carrying ice hundreds of kilometers from the cold Himalayas to the sweltering Indian capital of Delhi to please the appetite of what was the most powerful court in the world at that time in history.


A walk through Chandni Chowk - Kulfi


3 thoughts on “A walk through Chandni Chowk – Kulfi!

  1. And when you got there you were probably kicked in the shins for having taken so long …
    I wish I could taste this: I’ll bet anything it tastes better than western commercial icecream …

  2. And this just makes me want to go have one but I doubt if I’ll get any Kulfi here that’ll taste like the ones you get off the streets in India 😀 I miss having them.

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