A young king

A very very young tiger looks on as I fire away with my camera..I found him in the same place that used to be a haunt for one of my favourite tigers in the zone. A good estimate would be that he has come to carry on his father’s legacy and prowl the area It was amazing how at approximately 8 months of age he seemed to be so comfortable being photographed..much like another little tiger I know..
_DSC1609 - Version 2

9 thoughts on “A young king

  1. I am obliged, every time I see a photo of a tiger, to say that it is the most beautiful animal in the world. And then I see one of a leopard, or a king lion, or a jaguar, or a cheetah … I suppose I simply have ‘a thing’ for the big cats. And this photo fills me with joy, Neha: not only because of its extraordinary quality, but because of the very cycle you write of. As yet, they go on … If I believe in any god, I would pray to it to allow them to go on forever …

    1. I agree with you..I do pray that these magnificent animals survive. My love and attachment towards them is too strong..Have more respect for them than human beings to be honest 🙂

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    Wow! 😮 Exploring the blogs on this website, I came across this wonderful photographer and his pictures ❤ Check them out!

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