Golden Temple

27Jan13_Golden Temple
A 3 shot HDR of the Golden Temple at Amritsar.


21 thoughts on “Golden Temple

  1. The ‘3S’ refers to its being 3 shots panorama-ised (sorry!)?
    Have just decided I must get a decent panorama software. DON’T TELL ME – I don’t use a smartphone. 🙂

    1. @M.R. – 3 shots refers to 3 different shots of the same scene using different exposure (+2,0,-2). These pictures of different exposures are overlapped upon each other to create a High Dynamic Range (HDR) image…This is not a panorama..shot it using a wide angle lens at 10mm..

      1. 10mm!!! When I used to do Continuity on film crews, there was very occasionally a need to use the 8mm lens. Then they’d all look at me and say “It’s no good your standing right behind the camera operator, M.R. – you’ll still be seen!” [grin]

  2. @ M.R. – I was contemplating on buying the Sigma 8-16mm at one point. I noticed that 8mm is hardly required for travel photography unless you are photographing something really spectacular such as the Grand Canyon. So I chose the Sigma 10-20mm (more than $100 cheaper)…no doubt at 8mm you may still be in the frame 😉

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