The pain behind someone, lies in their eyes. The truth behind a story, lies in the eyes. They really are a mirror to our souls. Precious and beautiful.



16 thoughts on “Eyes

    1. Hi Margaret..It’s a very valid point that you have raised and it must be answered. Most children in our country do not have a “childhood” to be very honest. It’s a shortcoming of our society that so many children that live and survive in poverty have had their right to be children stolen from them. The good part is that there is much awareness and a lot of organisations/ individuals that are trying their level best to better the future for these children. The truth also remains that it is an uphill task that has no set standard time for completion and will bear fruits in the time to come. God willing there will come a day when children of that age shall not know the meaning of pain already.

  1. Indeed. And yes, there is already a world of suffering in the eyes of that beautiful child. I think of today’s western kids, with their Blackberries and their iPads, and everything they demand from their useless parents, and wonder …

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