Leopard spotted in mudumalai forest

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Leopard spotted in mudumalai forest.
Seated in the local 26 seater mudumali safari bus with 4 kids and 3 elders acting like kids. stuck in a bad seat with no place to hang my camera out. With less than 5 mins for the safari to get done and my groundnuts getting over. An oncoming vehicle informed us , leopard ahead. We jumped in the seats searching for it. With comment from my peer saying ” Like it’s gonna wait for us ” . I crossed my fingers hoping see it. And suddenly driver stops the bus saying it’s there. We are like where, where..?? He said there on that tree. Oh man my eye’s scanned all the trees. And then there it was sitting like a Maharaja. Like it was waiting for us  6pm in the evening , wishing to have f/4 lens  I went trigger happy on my old folk 300mm f/5.6. Just happy to get one decent click of this fellow , requested the bus driver to switch off the bus. Shivering hands , excitement. And it started moving and sat there staring at 28 random souls. With another comment from my peer ” Dam he toh , uttar ke dikha “. I think he heard it. I walked down the tree, and the driver started the vehicle. For our luck he turned and went towards the herd of bison on the other end. I think they smelt better than us  An amazing show given to us for 15mins. Never knew would get so lucky in the local safari vehicle to spot a leopard. Ended the ride wit comment coming from my peer saying ” that was worth 135 bucks ” , me replying “this is actually worth the whole trip” 

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