Matters of light and depth..


Tip on how to Shoot Lightning! 

I captured this picture on the terrace with my camera mounted on the tripod. Took 3-4 sample shoots to get focus right, and then changed it to manual focus. Thereafter adjusted the wide angle lens to get max amount of lightnings. Took 10 shoots with different shutter setting in shutter mode, ranging from 15sec – 30sec. I did all this keeping the camera steady and by using an umbrella to cover the camera. 

The Exif of this picture is : Camera 7D with 10-22mm wide angle mounted on tripod , Aperture – f/4 , shutter – 30sec , ISO- 100 , Exposure bias – (-0.7) , Focal length – 16mm. Took 2 Images of 30sec exposure and the merged them to get this final frame…


12 thoughts on “Matters of light and depth..

  1. A good camera, I prefer Canon.. I want a point and shoot digital where I have MANUAL (not AUTO) Shutter/Aperture-Priority control and a relatively wide angle lens (25-28 mm). Any Canons like this?

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