Faith is everything..


Namdroling Monastery , Also known as Golden Temple. Located in Bylakuppe is home to two of the many Tibetian settlements in India.

This Monastery’s are scared and so many beautiful drawings for different gods and devils.


Tibetan’s  Believe prayer and faith in god is the most important thing. This old women , around the age of 70-80 , walk around this huge round barrels written with Mantra’s. Every revolution of this barrel cures all the illness in their body and makes them strong mentally.


Early morning conversations.


The Five colors of Tibetan Prayer Flags traditionally represent the Five Elements

BLUE (sky/space) WHITE (wind/air) RED (fire) GREEN (water) Yellow (earth)


Kids in this monastery learn all the Buddhist Chants. and in their free time spend time reading and playing sports.


This Monks are very spiritual and have a great level of creativity. He is monk but architect by passion. They learn everything by themselves , as they are taught only chants in the monastery.


Its is saying that , whatever is written on this Flags gets vanished in a few weeks. And its true.. They also say that whatever worries are written on this flags is taken away by the wind.


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