Kaadu Malleswara Temple

The 17th century built Kaadu Malleswara Temple is the genesis of Malleswaram in north-west Bengaluru , India . Kaadu in Kannada means forest, which is exactly what surrounded these temples centuries back. There are a number of smaller temples surrounding the main temple which enshrines the holy sanctum of Lord Shiva. Sri Gangammadevi Temple, Nandi Kalyani Temple and Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple are a few to mention. The entire complex is purified with the homas and pujas, which are rituals performed by Hindu worshipers. There are some very important homas organized too wherein, the pandits are called from across the country to recite from the sacred texts. In one of the temples, there is a Nandi from which the Cauvery river’s water flows miraculously and incessantly. Recently renovated, the new main gopuram (monumental tower) amidst the old forest.[source:bengaluru.cityseekr.com]


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