women will go crazy at the Anjuna flea market

The Anjuna flea market is a heaven for women. The place is littered with earings, bracelets, sari’s, lucky birth stones etc.

The image below is that of bracelets for women (I think!).

Check this great image of birth stones on sale.

Do you want to buy a happy kat?

The Holy Accessories of the market.


9 thoughts on “women will go crazy at the Anjuna flea market

  1. Sweet. The transition between sharp foreground and blurry background blending all the colors creating a nice diversity of colors while maintaining the object’s characteristics.

  2. this is awsmmm!!!! i mean wen i saw it on my ‘READ BLOGS’ link….. the first word i said was WOWWW!!! that too was tooo loud for my mom to look at me!!! 😛

    well whatever this is just amazing!

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