Please Forgive me!

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10 thoughts on “Please Forgive me!

  1. In the culture of neighbouring people much is showed by the indidue like an identity in natural shape and an order which we can only try to understand but in fact do not know anything about. The girl has been beautifully dressed like for a feast or her wedding ceremony, and like in Western society still recently the marriage customs were from upto the 18th year in this time the generations already come in their 16th. I worry a little about her destiny but her decency seems unveiled and her saying sorry tells me she came over the heavy hand weighting, and this world can soon make a rebreath in the perspectives with such reverring to customs and traditions at least somehow culture can be set safe with on beforehand, culture always preceding politics and the rearrangements can be already prepared (but please, no all-in-one solutions anymore, I paid more or less enough sweat). Thanks to the younger among us I still work on in the energetic way I do, though I guess I should more give that the name of ‘dynamic’ which I am not solliciting for. Wisdom forbids me to sell everything to where the money is, and like it has always been: ‘nobody knows…'(must be brought over to the audiences like a song text).

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