I copy you,you copy me!

Saw these Crows perched closely together on the roof top. Carbon Copies of each other.


9 thoughts on “I copy you,you copy me!

  1. They both seem to turn their face away from you 😛 guess they are not happy about you shooting them 🙂

    Wonderful catch!

  2. black bird 1: What u looking at?
    black bird 2: Nothing. I’m posing for that photographer.
    black bird 1: Why posing? You’re expecting an ad contract for fairness cream?
    black bird 2: No no. this way the photo looks artistic, she will blog it and I’ll become famous
    black bird 1: ahh, i’ll also look that way. I’ll also become famous. wait till i tell my family im gonna be on the internet.

  3. @Shreyas : Thanks 🙂
    @Sridhanush : Haha..quite possible 😉
    @ Sanyam : Really?? How do you know 😛
    @ Perpetualmusafir & Marcie : Thanks guys 🙂
    @ Rohit : That was damnnnnn hilarious 😀

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