11 thoughts on “Spider with a hat!

  1. LOL…love the pic and the interpretation of it. Quite a sharp picture as well. Are you sure you didn’t place a plastic spider and click it?

  2. Not only is the shot superb, but thats an interesting observation 🙂 Rich details and a lovely green background!

  3. Nice observation…and another excellent image….yaar..!!! It reminded me of a picture that would seem like a lady from one side and a sadar from the opposite side…!! 🙂

  4. LOL.. thank you everyone…
    @ andy: MR. Spiderman not wearing any spiderman suit 😀
    @ manvi: Thank you 🙂 🙂
    @Sridhanush : i guess its just luck to find it.. 🙂
    @ ojas : lol yeah… 😀 thx 🙂
    @ankita: i discovered it accidentally when someone tried to see the pic from the other side of my comp screen 😀 i guess its like on of the pics with optical illusions 🙂 thx
    @ Gov: thx

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