Spider with a hat!

I found Mr. Spider with this funny hat, while driving through the windy western ghats. the interesting part of this picture, is when you turn this upside down, it seems Mr. Spider is smiling and has a long beard 🙂

Guest Post by Shreyas Hebbare.


11 thoughts on “Spider with a hat!

  1. LOL…love the pic and the interpretation of it. Quite a sharp picture as well. Are you sure you didn’t place a plastic spider and click it?

  2. Not only is the shot superb, but thats an interesting observation 🙂 Rich details and a lovely green background!

  3. Nice observation…and another excellent image….yaar..!!! It reminded me of a picture that would seem like a lady from one side and a sadar from the opposite side…!! 🙂

  4. LOL.. thank you everyone…
    @ andy: MR. Spiderman not wearing any spiderman suit 😀
    @ manvi: Thank you 🙂 🙂
    @Sridhanush : i guess its just luck to find it.. 🙂
    @ ojas : lol yeah… 😀 thx 🙂
    @ankita: i discovered it accidentally when someone tried to see the pic from the other side of my comp screen 😀 i guess its like on of the pics with optical illusions 🙂 thx
    @ Gov: thx

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