Chinnaswamy Stadium Panorama

Chinnaswamy Stadium Panorama

I tried the panorama feature in my mobile camera during the recent IPL match.

This is actually 2 hours before the match starts when the ground/pitch maintenance was still going on.


3 thoughts on “Chinnaswamy Stadium Panorama

  1. I like this one…I have one suggestion though. Don’t keep the white balance on auto. The color tones get recalculated for every shot of the panorama and may differ from one shot to other (as seen above).
    I Like the composition..

  2. @gayatri – shall do shall do…you teach me how to draw stick figures first!
    @Kshitij – yeah I realized that I should not have fixed the white balance as soon as I saw the pic, but the stands became too crowded for me to take another pic!

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