How about a date with me?

A date

Ok those are resins raisins and not dates 🙂 Couldn’t think of a witty title involving resins raisins. You’re welcome to suggest some.


11 thoughts on “How about a date with me?

  1. haha! its RAISINS not resins! resin is some form of rubber used industrially (i think). but if you hadn’t mentioned it, i would have thought they were dates! there;s the talent of the one wielding the camera 🙂

  2. Raisins or dates, I love this shot.
    For all those people who wonder why should one own a 50mm f/1.8, look to the right of the picture. Such brilliant sharpness is otherwise achievable only with really expensive professional lenses.
    Good composition doc.

  3. Nandini..thanks for pointing out the typo
    @ all: Thanks for the comments.
    @Rashika: what happened to you joining the blog?

  4. Hey that’s an amazing pic! I love how you have focused on them. The raisins go out of focus from as you move from right to left and it kinda creates a nice optical effect! Nice one…

  5. hey, are you sure these are raisins? they look like dried dates. it has that small cap like the dates have. nice photo anyway

  6. Karat…the day I shot this I shot many pictures of the same kind and I think this is raisins and not dates. Could be completely wrong as well. Thanks for the comment anyway.

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