The Keymaker

Seen at Russell Market, Bangalore.


7 thoughts on “The Keymaker

  1. Ur 200mm 2.8D is doing a great job. I see a high shutter speed at low ISO. Good, Great Job. How was the light condition? was it bright and sunny or was in taken in low light?

  2. Thanks guys 🙂
    @ Sagar : On this particular occasion, yes; Both of us went there for some street photography. I have an entire collection of pictures. Just not getting enough time to post regularly.
    @ Purnendu : It was around 5 pm. Yeah the 2.8 aperture generally lets me use fast shutter speeds in very low light. Dunno why people spend twice the amount of money on 70-200mm 2.8 IS!! Image Stabalization is just not required!

  3. @ Gayatri : Since you have a point n shoot, follow these steps:
    1. Zoom as much as possible.
    2. Go as close as possible.
    3. Set the largest aperture (smallest f number) ; f 5.9 in your case.
    4. Set the focus mode to macro mode.

    This should let you blur the backgrounds. Blurring also depends upon the camera and the lens. That way, SLRs can blur way more than PnSs.

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