7 thoughts on “Starry Starry Night…

  1. nice one. this is your best star trail yet. i was just wondering, what do they look like in color ?( in whatever color it comes out in at night :))

  2. Patte! this looks far better than the one that we took on nandhi hills na???
    i mean there u exposed it for over an hour and even then the pic was like okay okayy!!! what special with this pic??? explain madii!

  3. @Raghav : Well a picture like this depends upon a lot of factors.
    There we no clouds (no broken trails) ,
    No moonlight (means brighter stars),
    No pollution,
    No city lights and
    It was not very cold (cold temperature can cause dew on the lens hence spoiling the exposure).

    All of above and also the fact that I have learnt a lot more about night-sky photography since our last trip to Nandi Hills 🙂

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