Collared Scoops Owl

Collared Scoops owlThese wonderful creatures belongs to the BOP family.These birds mainly hunt small mammals,insects and other birds.Most of the owls are nocturnal(so they have large eyes to support this) and have binocular vision. Some people consider this as Lakshmi,the goddess of wealth and others consider owls as “evil” because of their fierce appearance.Nowadays these owls and many other birds are vanishing from this earth so lets join hands for the protection of  birds and animals which in-turn protect man and earth.


5 thoughts on “Collared Scoops Owl

  1. @ LynnWebber and Kshitij Garg: Thnx:)

    @ Ravi:Ya BOP means birds of prey..Flashlight will disturb birds and animals so i used torch to photograph tis.U can see light s falling only on t owl

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