IMG_3252-scaledWaiting for the recession bubble to BURST!

Inset: My buddy Ganesh a.k.a GEE.

Shot outside FAME Shankar Nag at M.G.Road


8 thoughts on “BURST!

  1. Good pic, but couldnt you have focussed on the bubble itself manually to get a better shot? or would that have blurred other parts of the pic?

  2. NO burst mode wouldn’t have helped..This is just shutter speed. It has got nothing to do with burst mode…Increasing the ISO hence using a higher shutter speed would have helped…

  3. No i meant if you use burst mode, you could have moved your camera so that in different pictures you would have got the bubble in focus and his face in focus…

  4. I was also gonna say that focus got messed up. But i was there, and i know you took the pic in like 2 seconds. But cool anyways.

    In burst mode usually it does not refocus because it simply cannot. It takes about 4.5fps i think, and ganesh and the bubble are in almost the same focus plane, just slightly off. It seems a lot because he was so close to the camera.

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